Милорад Додик
epa09691384 Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko attends a court hearing in the Pechersky district court on suspicion of treason and financing of terrorism, in Kiev, Ukraine, 17 January 2022. Poroshenko was summoned on 17 January 2022 to the Pechersky District Court for choosing of restraint with incrimination him the high treason and attempted looting of national values.  Poroshenko was arrested upon entry into Ukrainian territory, as instructed by the Ukrainian Prosecutor-General.  EPA-EFE/OLEG PETRASYUK
претседателката на Европската комисија Урсула фон дер Лејен има план...
epa09456826 Investigators at the scene following a fire at a hospital for Covid-19 patients in Tetovo, Republic of North Macedonia, 09 September 2021. At least fourteen deaths have been reported by the Ministry of Health when a fire, thought to have been triggered by oxygen cylinders that provide oxygen to patients with a more severe clinical case of Covid-19, broke out at the hospital.  EPA-EFE/Georgi Licovski
Потпишување на Охридскиот рамковен договор, 13 август 2001 година

За почеток на денот: 20 години од Охридскиот рамковен договор, намален бројот на активни пожари, аплицирани над милион вакцини против Ковид-19

ПРОСЛАВА Со низа настани под слоганот „По Охрид“ во земјава се одбележува 20 години од потпишувањето на Охридскиот рамковен договор ...

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